Construction Management / Owner Representation

Assist and protect project Owners by managing their project and Contractor from project inception to completion. Includes activities such as soliciting bids and assisting with choosing a Contractor, regular site visits to review work in place, acting as point of contact for day to day questions and issues as well as providing resolution in the most cost-effective manner and review of all submitted change orders for appropriateness. Your project is our project – from start to finish.

Forensic Construction Audit

Construction projects are very vulnerable to mismanagement and fraud. Forensic Accountants dig into the financial and contractual aspects of the project and determine where and how the project funds have been used as well as compliance with contractual obligations. Our service offers a unique perspective as our team possesses experience in both the construction and forensic accounting fields and has a greater understanding of how actions in the field affect the financial and accounting aspects of a project.

Funds Control

A service used greatly by lenders to comply with SBA regulations, we review the draws to opine on the sufficiency of collateral in place to support funds requested and then, taking it a step further, disburse all funds to the General Contractor, Subcontractors and Vendors. Includes audit of each draw package and collection and monitoring of lien waivers. We additionally include a standard lien search with each draw as part of our service.

Draw Monitoring

Onsite review of applications for payment utilizing percentage of completion to ascertain if the collateral in place supports the funds requested. This service begins with a detailed processing of the draw to determine if the paperwork has been completed correctly, as errors can cause project fundings to be incorrect. We then visit the site, comparing work observed in place to the percentages of completion for the line items requested. A report is generated which includes our findings, funding recommendation and digital photographs.

Front-End Analysis

Review of the project budget in relation to the plans to determine if the budget and intended scope are compatible and sufficient funds are budgeted to complete the project. Also includes review of the Owner/Contractor contract, environmental reports and other pertinent project information.

Limited Property Condition Assessment

A limited review of a property’s condition including the building envelope, systems such as HVAC, Electrical and Sprinkler, roof and parking areas. This assessment can highlight potential costs for Immediate Needs and can also include a Reserve Schedule to assist property owners with budgeting for future needs, if requested.

Construction Lending Consulting

Provide industry specific information to Construction Lending Departments to assist them with developing their SOP for processing and managing construction draws.